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When eighteen-year-old Regan Braaten accidentally kills her father, she discovers some startling truths.

First, she has the power of mind control.

Second, she must use it for evil or else suffer one of two fates: insanity or death.

To atone for her sins, she vows to protect her classmates from The Three Musketcheers, a vicious gang of cheerleaders who use lies, brute force, and blackmail in their quest to dominate the school.

Unfortunately, every time Regan uses her gift, it develops a persona of its own-one she has trouble controlling-leaving her to question whether she can save them without destroying herself.

To keep her family safe, Regan Braaten accepts the job with Global Security Systems despite their nefarious reputation. 

Along with a few other gifted recruits, they fly her to their orientation facility in Alaska.

As she learns how to harness her powers, she begins to trust her instructor, Gin, perhaps more than she should. Definitely more than what her boyfriend, Jude, is comfortable with. Though her love life is in shambles, training is going well. She hasn't accidentally killed anyone yet.

Until Regan discovers the devastating secret Gin's been hiding. To protect everyone she loves, she flees knowing full well her choice will lead to redemption if she's lucky, ruin if she's not.

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