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A Tragedy, I know

My career as a hairdresser spanned twenty-some years taking me from the Big Sky State (Montana) to The Last Frontier (Alaska). Occasionally, I saw clients. But most of the time I saw friends.

I lived vicariously through your ups and the downs, holding each one of your stories inside my heart, cherishing that you trusted me with your secrets, hopes, dreams, and fears. Because we all know, hairdressers are bartenders without the alcohol. You come in, perhaps not having the best day, but by the time you leave, not only will you look better, you'll feel better too. (And we won't leave you with a nasty hang-over the next morning!)

From my years behind the chair, I learned so much about our human nature. But mostly, I learned that people are kind and good, and when forced into a dark corner, or a shitty situation, that we all have an untapped strength that often comes to light in the darkness. Whether that darkness is physical, emotional, or even the unknown.

I'm here to thank all of you from Montana to Alaska for sharing your lives. For encouraging me, even when it meant you might lose your hairdresser. (Which I can now attest is slightly terrifying.) But the greatest gift you gave me was your unwavering support. Not one person said, "You won't survive in Alaska. You don't know anyone." Or, "That's silly, you can't write a book." Instead, you encouraged me to jump off the proverbial cliff to see if I could fly. At times, I do enjoy things that scare me! And though I'm living a new dream, it was by no means an easy decision to leave you.

In doing so, I've gained a life of adventure and new experiences. But I've also lost because every time I relocate, I leave behind friends, family, and communities that I love. Was my latest move to Tennessee worth it? Only time will tell. I am convinced that Southern hospitality should be practiced everywhere on earth. It would make the world a better place to live.

But I do know writing brings forth a happiness that borders on delirium. We all know how much I like to control things. And making bad decisions for fictional characters is probably the closest I'm ever going to get to ruling the world. A tragedy, I know.

Again, my heartfelt thanks to all of you who supported me in the beginning. From my crazy dream to move to Alaska and then my even crazier dream of becoming a traditionally published author.

Thank you!

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